A Portal designed
to improve reporting and issue representation

Hackcraft Portal Main Feature Overview

Hackcraft  portal comes with a plethora of options so you can monitor, view and export projects and vulnerabilities.

Enchanced Vulnerability representation

Easily locate vulnerabilities affecting an asset, or discovered during a specific project

The theme allows to build your own styles right out of the backend without any coding knowledge. Start your own color scheme by selecting one of the many predefined schemes.


Enhanced Stats


Detailed vulnerability list with filters


Detailed Vulnerabilities


Tons of elements to build your site


Canvas preview to build your layout

Enchanced Stats

Build your own layouts

The Theme comes with a template builder that allows you to build any number of stunning layouts and apply them to your entries.

All you need to do is to drag and drop the elements into place until you have a page you like. If you want to re-use a template you can simply save it and apply it to other pages later on.

Monitor Project

Once purchased you get support and lifetime updates for the theme.

We are very dedicated to offer the best support experience possible and our track record shows that we do something right: Our support forum is a vibrant place to get support, offer feedback and help others.

Our dedicated support team usually answers all questions in less than a day (at least during weekdays 😉 )


More than 120.000 Threads answered show that we do care!


Click on one of the demo import buttons...


...and set up a whole site in less than a minute

Enchanced Reporting

One click setups made easy

For beginners it might be hard to set up a site the way our demos looks like.

The content import button does all of that for you and imports not only the content from our demo installation but also the settings (and for most of our demos also all images).

And of course there is more to explore.
Other noteworthy features are:

Enchanced Access Control

The theme comes with the amazingly flexible layer-slider slideshow plugin, which allows you to create stunning 2d and 3d slideshows. PS: You dont need to purchase a 15$ licence for the layer-slider, this cost is already covered when you buy the theme 😉

Multiple Filters

The theme ships with the Entypo Icon font. Almost all of those Icons can be selected for various elements, like buttons, tabs, iconlists etc

Using a iconfont instead of small images makes the theme faster (fewer requests to handle), more flexible (eg: you can apply colors to your icons) and allows for a more beautiful experience on smartphones and tablets, since they are scalable.

Our Iconfont Uploader also allows you to add new icons and iconfonts to use!

Attack Paths

Very simple to use and understand: our new sidebar manager.

On your widgets page simply add new areas and fill them with widgets. You can then select those widget areas when editing existing or writing new entries, and tell those entries to display those widget areas.

Vulnerability Instances

Helping your visitors find what they are looking for as fast as possible is an important task. WIth the help of our built in Ajax-Search the sie is searched as the user types and the theme delivers beautiful small previews…

12.000 Hours

of programming effort

4 Years of Updates

We aim for at least a decade!

500+ Options

To change the way your site looks