From traditional to templated malware

This is a follow-up article to Introducing Blueprint which was released to accompany our malware templating tool, Blueprint. The goal of this article is to provide a small but concise use case, demonstrating the effectiveness of templating in malware development and how you can port your own "traditional" malware to templated ones, leveraging the sinister […]

Introducing Blueprint

Blueprint is a python3 source-code level modular templating solution based on Jinja. It is developed by the Hackcraft Red Team and is open-source and freely available.

Establishing Fairplay in Red Team engagements

Fairplay is an extensible modular framework that was developed by the Hackcraft Red Team, which aims to alleviate part of the heavy lifting of monitoring file hashes across multiple online-based sources, as well as provide an extensible way to generate notifications across multiple platforms.